How it works

Login to dashboard

Login to your organization’s self-service web dashboard and add your field executives manually or via easy bulk upload.


Download and install application

Your field employees can download and install the bdField Force application from Google Play Store (Android users) or the (iOS users) App Store


Analytics and visualizations

Access your web dashboard to view daily attendance, route view analytics, distances travelled among many more features for easy field force management.


Your organization can opt for automatic attendance which works in a no-touch mode without employee intervention. Alternatively, the manual mode offers a simple user interface which allows your employees to signal their availability on the field directly via the application.

Why choose bdField Force?
Minimal Employee Intervention
Automatic Location Sharing

Without any manual intervention required, the bdField Force application intelligently captures the presence of your field teams within their shift hours. Download the app and you’re ready to go!

Easy Integration
Reports and Analytics:

The bdField Force web dashboard makes sense of millions of data points and provides access to summary reports and analytics so that your organization can take informed, data driven decisions.

Real-Time Field Force Data
Real-time Information

The platform updates in real-time so you can track employee current location, monitor their meeting schedules, allocate tasks smartly and respond to field emergencies in real-time!

Offline Support
Offline Support:

In case your field employees are frequently in areas of poor connectivity, you need not worry! The bdField Force app works offline and stores all data locally, which syncs later when network connectivity is available.

Analytics And Visualizations
Easy Integration

bdField Force can be integrated with your existing applications and software. Our light SDK and back-end infrastructure plays well with other technologies.

Dynamic Analytics

Where are your field employees right now? Were they active or inactive today? How much distance have they travelled today? Did they adhere to their beat plans? Did they make the visits they were supposed to complete? So many questions with one answer – bdField Force. Millions of data points, simplified so that your organization can grow with access to the right kind of information at the right time.

Route View AnalyticsRoute View Analytics

Real-Time Continuos Presence OverviewReal-Time Continuous Presence Overview

Productivity TrendsProductivity Trends

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